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tv   Today  NBC  April 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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life-threatening storms. tornadoes hid oklahoma overnight and what forecasters say is just a start of what is going to be a vie lenl and dangerous weather weekend. what can we expect and where will the storms likely hit? we're tracking it all live. we'll have the latest. >> secret service scandal. a dozen secret service personnel protecting the president in colombia have been sent home amid misconduct. why were these officers relieved of their duties? we're live with the details. engaged, after seven years and six kids, brad pitt finally pops the question to angelina jolie. we'll look at the ring on her finger and find out when they
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say i do. today's saturday, april 14, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television group morn good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> and i'm amy rohbock. damaging tornadoes could hit the central part of the country today. this is only the second time in u.s. history that noaa, the weather folks, have issued a high weather warning 24 hours in advance. that's how certain we are. we're tracking the storm. we'll get a live report in oklahoma in a minute. it's a sad weekend in new hampshire. a small town is remembering a beloved police chief killed in the line of duty just days before he was to retire. as murders are down across the u.s., police killings are up. we're going to look at what's
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behind this vie legislate trend. and then we're going to switch gears and talk about kevin costner. he's been talkinger a sequel to the 1992 film birthdayguaodygua. he says he's working on a sequel with another icon who died too soon. we'll reveal who it is coming up. if you thought the royal wedding was big, just wait. brad pitt and angelina jolie are finally engaged. we'll tell you why it took so long for them to move toward tying the knot. we want to begin with the severe weather. the national weather service issued an unusually strong warning. the weather channel's eric fisher is in oklahoma city for us this morning. eric, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lester. good morning, everybody. here in more man, oklahoma, yesterday was a very busy day in
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what's going to be an incredibly day toward the start of the weekend. the storm prediction center, they actually had to seek shelter themselves. this apartment complex especially hard hit. some of the siding taken right off the side of the building. some of the trees were sheared off. some of this was caught on tape yesterday. university of oklahoma had to take shelter for a time. it listed as it crossed eun vergts and touched back down. and in a town of 100,000, to walk away with injuries are characterized as bumps and bruises, we're seeing that as great news to kick off the weekend. the bottom line is we had the storms. they're rumbling off to the northeast part of the state right now. but this afternoon and evening, this is where our focus is, the potential of long track dangerous violent tornados anywhere from iowa, nebraska, and southward to north texas.
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if you have a plan in place, make sure your family knows where to go in the event of a warning and how to get one of those tornado warnings because you're not going to have much time to get to shelter later on this afternoon. it's also prom season and in the wichita area saturday night, many school districts have been changing the location of their prom to include places that have safe houses and fema storm shelters just in case one of these storms come through. some great proactive action from the school boards. >> thanks. for more on the path of these storms, we turn to bill karins. bill? >> good morning to you, lester. the job of myself and all meteorologists is to get the word out. we want to prevent fatalities from these tornados. dwoemt want anyone surprised. so if you family lives in areas of nebraska, kansas, oklahoma, those are the areas most at risk for the tornadoes. so even if you have family members that live in those areas, make sure they know the possibilities this afternoon and evening of large tornados going
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through their towns. now, not everyone is going to get hit, of course, but there is that possibility. as far as acy veer storm setup, it's a classic setup for april. a lot of moisture heading toward, and the storm that was in california heading out will be heading out into the plains. already this morning we have a tornado watch, potential of strong storms from tulsa joplin. but the main show will begin in kansas and nebraska early this afternoon and down toward oklahoma city late this afternoon, lester. we do expect large tornados, and they'll be moving fast. there will not be a lot of time for people to seek shelter. it will be very, very dangerous this afternoon. back to you. >> and we expect folks across the country to be monitoring the weather. we'll check back in with you for a local forecast. now to an embarrassment overseas. a dozen secret personnel accompanying president obama have been sent home after allegations of personal misconduct. nbc's christown welker is in
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colombia. good morning, kristen. >> good morning to you. it's confirmed that numerous personnel were sent home before president obama arrived here yesterday amid allegations of misconduct. there are reports that as many as 12 officials were sent home and one may have been soliciting a prostitute, but at this point in time, the secret service won't confirm those allegation. however, a senior administration official does confirm that the officials who were sent home were part of the uniformed division. those are the officials who are typically charged with manning entrances and not a part of the president's private detail. nonetheless, the president takes these allegations very seriously. that's why the officials were sent home. they're replaced with other officials here. they have launched an internal investigation. and the secret service of president obama's security was never compromised in any way. nonetheless it's unwelcome news
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for your the secret service which prides itself on protecting the president and unwelcome news for the president who is here for this summit of the americas to talk about things like trade and immigration and also, of course, in the middle of a tough re-election battle otown home front. >> and, kristen, apparently there were explosions there last night. what is the latest? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. well, according to local officials, we're being told there were at least three explosions here last night. at least one in bogota near the embassy and one near car ta hay ga about 20 miles away from the summit site. at this point, we're told they were low-level intensity explosions. the ones here were in a remote area. the good news here this morning, amy, is that there are no injuries reported and no major damage, but local authorities are, of course, investigating these small explosions that
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occurred last night, the u.s. embassy and the white house paying close attention. >> kristen welker, thanks for that. now here's lester. >> thanks. about 70,000 gun enthusiasts are in st. louis this weekend for the annual meeting. it comes at a time when guns and gun rights have resurfaced as part of the american political conversation. here's nbc's michael isikoff. >> reporter: at its annual convention in st. louis this weekend, the nra stands its ground and flexes its political muscle while top republicans express support for the rights of gun owners. >> and i will protect the second amendment rights of the american people. >> far fewer women would be raped, far fewer children would be killed, far fewer towns would be destroyed if people everywhere on the planet had the right to bear arms.
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>> reporter: under its leadership of wain lapierre, the nra plans to spend a record $40 million to defeat barack obama. >> when the sun goes down on election day, barack obama will have us to thank for his defeat. >> reporter: the nra's other top priorities, expanding stand your ground laws already in place in more than 20 states and a national law that would allow gun owners with conceal kari permits in any state to take their weapons anywhere in the country. but the nra's foes are pushing back, citing george zimmerman's unarmed shooting of trayvon martin as evidence of how dangerous these laws can be. >> let's call that by its real name. vigilanteism. >> what's the advantage of buying this gun? >> more rounds, lighter weight and bigger caliber bullet. >> reporter: zimmerman had a
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permit for a 9 millimeter like this one and argues his shootings with under self-defense. here at the nra convention, member says the courts will decide the facts in the zimmerman case, but that won't stop their push to expand the rights of gun owners. >> they dug their heels in for this right to kari, for this right to protect ourselves and the right to second amendment, and i don't think that's changed because of the emotion of one or two cases very for "today," michael isikoff, nbc news, st. louis, missouri. john harwood is cnbc's chief correspondent. john, go john, good to see you. >> good morning, lester. >> watching him speak to the nra convention, where, by the way, he only mentioned the word "gun" once, i wonder if they're varning away. >> reporter: i don't think they're vanishing, lester, but
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the more mitt romney can turn his attention toward barack obama instead of fighting against rick santorum, the better off he's going to be. this is going to be a very closely contested election with the president. the two sides are going to mix. the speech by mitt romney at the nra saying that barack obama would remake the supreme court to the detriment of conservatives and gun owners as part of that effort. >> he went on to say the president had been waging an assault on freedom. the administration reminds us the president supports the second amendment. is that the particular line that mitt romney plans to go on? >> reporter: absolutely. some of the victory speeches has been making argument that barack obama is standing against freedom and i fridn fringing on rights of business owners.
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at the ended of the george bush administration. so this is how the two sides are going to tee up their arguments. >> obviously we're still in primary season and thus mitt romney and his folks wouldn't admit it but there has to be a potential vp pick along the way. what did they learn about mccain or palin. >> reporter: first of all you have to pick somebody who unquestionably is ready to take place on day one. mitt romney doesn't want a repeat where they were questioning why did mccain put sarah palin on the ticket. he also has the need of reassuring conservatives, that he's not going to veer too far to the center but not scaring people in the middle, especially suburban women. that's why rick santorum is an extremely unlikely dhois be on
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mitt romney's ticket. but he's going to look to somebody conservative enough for the right but not too much to the left. we head to the news desk with lynn berry. >> good morning and good morning to all of you at home. well, there's more to judge in the murder case of neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman may have a conflict of interest. judge jessica wreck side ler informed them that her husband works with his attorney. we're going have more on this in our next hour. in oklahoma, prosecutors have decided to file murder and hate crime charges against the two men arrested in a shooting spree in tulsa over easter weekend. the men are white. their five victims are black. three were killed. now to north korea were tens of thousands of military and civilians attended a ceremony today after the much failed
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hyped rocket launch. now with more from richard engel live for us in pyongyang. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. first off, south korea ships are searching for parts of the rocket. on the ground here, the celebrations are continuing unaffected by the failed launch. today tens of thousands of top military officers gathered in a soccer stadium. they were shouting loyalty and applauding the leadership of kim junk unw jung un. that is the tone here. despite the rocket's failure, this country is doubling down on its patriotism and personality. tomorrow we are expected to see a parade in the streets involved
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hundreds of thousands of people and likely also a military display, tanks and potentially more rockets paraded through the streets. lynn? >> all right, richard. thanks so much. the city by the bay broke some weather record this week. san francisco was pounded by a line of thunderstorms that brought record rainfall and more than 750 lightning strikes. like at that. the photographer phil mcgrew captured the amazing time lapsed photo as lightning struck all four towers of the bay bridge. lightning also hit planes entered los angeles. joan rivers was on the plane. she tweetsed everything was fine and benjamin franklin was an idiot. it is official. brad pitts and angelina are engaged to be married. the come brangelina.
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we're going to have more on this in the next hour right here on "today." that's the news. now back to lester and amy. you know, you guys, seven years. i don't know. i think it's kind of rushing it a bit. >> take your time. get to know each other. >> i'm happy they're going get a little more publicity. >> after six kids, he was like, wife material. >> lynn berry, thank you. >> talk about the national forecast. >> it's been well advertised. the muddle of the country. classic tornado outbreak set up. the east coast and west coast, you look fine. thankfully this is a one-day outbreak. it's not going to keep its energy and punch. areas like kansas city, you'll get storms tonight. in most of the country we'll see a pretty decent sunday. today's risk, oklahoma city, wichita to oklahoma >> good morning. our power cam overlooking the
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city this morning. it won't interfere with what is going to turn out to be a nice day. >> and that's your saturday forecast. amy? >> bill, thank you. police in washington state are looking for a man now known as the facebook fugitive. some of his friends are asking him to surrender after he appeared to brag about his escape on line. here's nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> reporter: he's on the run, but apparently not off social media. >> he's just a kid that got tired of being told what to do. >> reporter: a week and a half ago, police say nicholas didn't report to his community corrections office, in violation of a court order in march on a
7:18 am
domestic violence case, and when cops saw him on the street, he took off. the 26-year-old has a long rap sheet. according to the port angeles police department, convictions include domestic violence, burglary, and threat of a firearm and he's also accused of assaulting his girlfriend last month. >> i think he should be true to himself but get this nonsense behind him. >> reporter: his first day on the lam, he posted on his wall, cops all over you. the next day, nicholas respond, aye, got away, thanks, bro. >> it's become a game. it's about ha, ha, ha, catch me if you can. >> you're going to get caught. >> reporter: unlike the film, his life is anything but glamorous. still the facebook fugitive is the talk of port angeles, 65 miles northwest of seattle. some of the town's residents are
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urging him to turn himself in. i don't think your kids would want to see dad behind bars any longer. >> reporter: some are taunting, run as long as you cuz. make it worth it. >> being a fugitive is a temporary condition and it's got a demoney issuing return. >> reporter: it's not a matter if he'll be caught or when. that i won't reveal whether they're trying to track him through his cell phone or facebook page it's ridiculous. it's gotten completely out of hand. >> reporter: his friends just hope his next status update includes finding a lawyer. tomorrow marks the 100th anniversary of the titanic sinking, and for those who survived, the trauma of that night would last a lifetime and for generations to come. nbc's jim maceda met up with an
7:20 am
american couple with a deep sense of it. >> reporter: it took years of marriage before the couple stumbled upon a bond. >> we realized we both had relatives on the titanic. >> reporter: bob had settled with his family after graduation. and her great, great grandmother was also in first. both survived when more than 1,500 perished and both left accounts of hair owing hours in the freezing north atlantic after the collision wf the titanic and an iceberg three times their size. from their house in portugal, they shared those stories for the first time. >> the shock of the water took the breath out of my lungs. >> reporter: he had jumped from the titanic before it sank. >> down and down i went in all directions. swimming as hard as i could,
7:21 am
hopefully getting away from the ship. >> reporter: he returned to this overturned life boat. >> we fought our way to the darkness. i rode for an hour straight. >> come on, girls, row. >> reporter: her take-charge attitude inspired this scene, "a night to remember." . both made it to safety but another ordeal began. bucknell became withdrawn and never sailed again. he became a successful banker but could never escape survivor 's guilt and at age 50, he took his life. kate and bob prefer to focus on something that when looking back would have never happened. it's their greatest joy in life, their three children. lucy and jack both accomplished musicians and son bobby, a
7:22 am
professional pianist. they plan to tell their story no more. for "today," jim macedmaceda, n news, portugal. still to come, they remember a popular police chief days before his retirement. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come here on "today," it's official. we're going to have more on brad pitt and angelina jolie's engagement. plus kevin costner talks about the sequel to the "bodyguard. "first these messages and your local news.
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>> almost sounded like a spaceship there. good morning. i'm jennifer franciotti. it is 7:25. here is a look at some 6 our --
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some of our top stories here. escorted by his attorney aaron parsons turned himself in to police. a warrant was issued after police received several calls that parsons was seen beating and robbing a tourist during the st. patrick's day weekend. >> hopefully this will lead to the identity of other suspects we're looking for. they will be debriefed by detectives and we will follow the evidence where it takes us. what we think this is, this is an attack on an individual who was vulnerable, an individual that was intoxicated. some people identified him as an easy target. >> these are some suspects police are on the lookout for. investigators were able to zoom in to three people wanted in this case. 410-396-2411 if you have information. >> police have investigated a link to the rifle that killed
7:27 am
turnage. the half-brother. monae turnage was killed by the rifle. the man that owned the fire arm had been charged with a felony in the past and it made it illegal for him to own the gun. >> prosecutors claimed last june that dunn was behind the wheel that hit and killed emraled smith and courtney angeles has they rossed m.l.k. boulevard. his ex-girlfriend originally told police she was the driver. she testified against him in exchange for a
7:28 am
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>> good morning. the temperature with a thin layer of clouds overhead. 83% the humidity. the barometer up. we take a look at the thin clouds over here. good storms out to the west. the strongest of the storms producing tornadoes in northeast oak. this line of storms is aimed toward ohio, pennsylvania, and new york later today. our forecast calls for temperatures to rise from the 40's now into the 0's during the day today. the basic forecast 70 to 75. maybe a shower offer dark. >> thank you. thank you for joining us.
7:30 am
we're back in 25 minutes with another update. we'll see you then. we're back on this saturday morning, april 14, 2012. it is shaping up to be a beautiful spring day here in new york city. we want to thank all of these fine folks for spending part of their weekend with us, and we're going to happily head outside to say hi in just a few minutes to enjoy their good company and the weather. back inside studio 1a, i'm amy robach alongside lester holt. coming up in this half hour after seven years and six kids, brad pitt and angelina jolie are engaged. >> they have been surrounded by constant rumors that the two are close to getting married and on friday they got a little closer when they broke the news. who designed the ring, is the date set, and what do their kids
7:31 am
say? we're going to answer those questions coming up. and then we're going to have the latest on the trayvon martin case. a bond hearing is set for next week but many are asking whether george zimmerman can get a fair trial and does the judge assigned to the case have a conflict of interest? we'll answer those questions coming up. celebrity chef cookware from pots to pans to knives, it seems every chef has their own line of different gadgets. how well do they perform in your kitch kitchen, we're going to finding out which ones work best. we begin this hour in new hampshire. a small town is remembered a beloved police chief killed in the line of duty just days before he was to retire. nbc's michelle franzen is in greenland, new hampshire, with details on that. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. residents in this small town are leaning on one another and also coming together to remember police chief michael maloney who was just days away from retiring when he was shot and killed. experts say his death is part of
7:32 am
a disturbing trend around the country with officers' shooting deaths on the rise. flowers line the walkway at the town center where greenland, new hampshire, police chief, michael maloney headed the force for 12 years. the 48-year-old was gunned down thursday night in the town he was sworn to protect, trying to serve a search warrant during a drug raid. four other officers were wounded. >> everybody was stunned, and they felt that they just couldn't believe this was happening in our little state. >> reporter: across the country in modesto, california, sheriff's deputy robert paris was shot and killed, serving an eviction notice at an apartment complex that was later set abla ablaze. the suspected shooter refused to come out. experts say the killing of these police officers are part of a worrying trend. 72 officers were killed last year, making it the third straight year that police deaths increased. up 75% from 2008.
7:33 am
>> budget cuts across the board have decimated law enforcement agencies. we've cut training, equipment, manpower and technology. all of that puts officers at grave risk. >> reporter: other law enforcement officials believe that's what's called preventive policing, more street stops of potential suspects and moving police into more crime-ridden areas has also put more police at risk. but back in greenland relatives and colleagues aren't thinking about that. >> i told my grandchildren last night that the one thing that they could feel that their father died doing what he loved most, protecting other people. >> reporter: colleagues and relatives of maloney who were once organizing a retirement party are now faced with planning his funeral. also, the police department has set up a memorial fund for his family.
7:34 am
amy? >> michelle franzen, thank you. it is time now for another check of the weather from bill karins. bill, good morning to you. >> well, good morning to you, amy. south dakota represented behind me. that's one of the spots that will see some nasty weather this weekend. we've been talking about the risk of the really bad storms. it's really from southern south dakota southward. lincoln, hastings, kearny. that's as we go throughout the afternoon hours. and later we'll watch through oklahoma city. sunday doesn't look quite as bad. in houston, a slight chance of tornados but the big tornado outbreak once again is late this afternoon into the evening. hopefully all the towns will bee >> nice morning. the view over the inner harbor, no winched at all. beautiful high, thin clouds, the clouds will thicken up during the day today. the highest chance of rain wil
7:35 am
>> and, of course, with all the bad weather expected the afternoon and evening in the middle of the country, if you have outdpoor plans, stay tuned to for all the weather updates. back to you. in 1992 the movie "bodyguard" launched whitney houston's film career. now the producer kevin costner wants to do a sequel with another mega star. lynn berry has more. >> the premise to the sequel is similar to the original. like whitney houston, the whom who would star was an icon in her own right. she was known as the people's princess. and in the year leading up to her tragic death, she apparently
7:36 am
had dreams of becoming a princess to hollywood. that's what she told kevin costner. >> diana and i had been talking about doing "bodyguard 2." i told her i would take care of her just the same way. >> reporter: the actor launched whitney houston's film career in the original. in the movie kofts never plays a former secret service agent hired to guard a pop star from a stalker. the role of protector on the big screen carried over into real life. earlier this year he delivered a heart-felt eulogy at whitney houston's funeral. whitney, if you could hear me now, i would tell you you weren't just good enough. you were great. talks with the princess came at a time when she was trying to reinvent herself after her ugly divorce to prince charles. >> a lot of people looked at princess grace. she was a famous actress who married royalty. it would have been shocking if
7:37 am
princess diana did the reverse but, hey, crazier things had happened. >> reporter: costner said he and diana discussed doing things that would reflect her life. she was interested and costner said diana also had other questions. >> she asked me, will there be a kissing scene, and i said, yeah. >> reporter: a possible role of a lifetime for a princess who seemingly had it all. >> how convenient for mr. costn costner, right? many of you may be asking why he didn't mention this years ago. he said it's not his style to jump in front of the camera when someone dies. he says he likes to be careful before he starts talking. lester? >> lynn, thank you very much. author j.k. rowling leaves harry potter behind. find out what she's working on for her next chapter. >> every chef has their own line of pots, pans, and gadgets.
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this morning on "today's" consumer, celebrity branded cookware. consumer correspondent jan is lieberman is here to dish. good morning, janice. >> good morning. do you like that? >> yeah. >> from department stores to big box stores scan the kitchen aisle and you're sure to see lots of familiar face, tv chefs who come into your living room now want a spot on your stovetop. >> see how easy it is to cook italian? >> oh, yeah, they're going to be good. delish. >> you know them from their tv shows. >> bam. >> now the celebrity chefs have found a new way to cash in on their culinary fame, but will their products sizzle or fizzle? we gathered a group of friends who love to cook. >> my kids are starving when
7:41 am
they get home from school so, when they come home, i pretty much have a full dinner ready for them. >> reporter: and picked up celebrity for them to try. first up, emeril's cast iron skillet. she cracks an egg and tries to mirror what's on the package. >> let's try. >> we'll see. >> they're good. >> they're good. >> the one i have at home, i can't even lift up. this one was much lighter other than not heating up as quickly. >> jamie scores the skillet an eight on a score of 1 to 10. our next pick, this skillet. side one, the sear pad. she has three kids. >> you can grip it underneath. >> two batches of pancakes later?
7:42 am
>> easy to flip. >> the pan lost points with michelle because she said the pan heated unevenly. >> i would give it a six. >> reporter: judith tried the flip side, grilling a salmon fillet. >> she liked the professional grill and it cooked all over the way. >> there's grease all over the stovetop and it didn't leave the beautiful rims and the skin was kind of sticky. >> reporter: she gave it a five. she loves her knives. would ray chal's hands cut it? >> i was surprised. with all the oil, still able to have a grip. >> reporter: deborah gaves the
7:43 am
knives a perfect ten. in the end in our very unscientific home cooked trial, em really's $25 skillet rated an eight. mario's skillet rated 5 1/2 and rachael ray scored a perfect ten with her knife set priced at 50 bucks. >> batali's manufacturing partner said this, uneven distribution of heat and the sticking of sa man may have been skaused by the heat level being too high. cast iron does not require the same high heat level as overs require. keep in mind it's not an official test, june one person's view and opinion. all our volunteers, amy said, they would try a celebrity cookware product. >> because you go into any store now and you see all of these different names. what makes their products any different other than the name? >> well, they do have an input and they know what they like to cook with and what problems that occur.
7:44 am
so rachael ray has that special handle and em really has an ergonomic thumb rest on the handles. >> they're prettier too. they have brighter colors. >> oranges and greens. beautiful. you know what? read the reviews and like any other cook ware, do thor er. >> janice lieberman, as always, thank you. coming up, what can readers expect? we'll take a look after these messages. rt. it's my mission to make sure they all get the best treatment possible. petarmor flea and tick protection has the same #1 vet-recommended active ingredient as frontline® top spot and it's just as safe and effective against fleas and ticks. but costs about half as much. i use petarmor on my pets and these guys, they get the best. petarmor flea and tick protection. the same protection as frontline top spot at about half the cost. to help a pet in need visit let's just share a 20 piece. [ internal ] 20 mcnuggets, for only $4.99?
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big news in the literary world, jmt k. recalling, author of the "harry potter" sears is
7:48 am
turning in a different way, publishing for grown-ups. >> reporter: those magical "harry potter" books flew off shelves around the world, nearly a million copes from america to afghanistan. the movie, the phenomenon, made single mom j.k. rowling who was once on welfare, the first billionaire author. >> i read them all, yeah, i loved them. >> reporter: well, now, sorry kids and wizard wannabes. this next one is not for you. in september j.k. will publish her debut novel for adults called "the casual vacancy." the novel is set in a fictional little englishtown where everything looks real pretty, but all is not as it seems. a town at war, her publisher describes, individuals at war,
7:49 am
technologicalliers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbandens, called slightly comic and quite surprising. no, no wizards or dragons or slobber worms. just regular people. so what is it about little englishtowns -- that they're all at war. those parrish towns, little busy buzz. they're completely at war. >> reporter: are there things lurking behind corners and seething between cracks? >> yeah, there would be. >> reporter: hmm. >> j.k. rowels is the biggest publishing property. publishing her first adult novel is big, big news. >> reporter: critics are wondering if people will embrace j.k. without harry. many call her, one word, "great." for "today," michelle kosinski, nbc news, london. >> that's a lot of pressure.
7:50 am
>> i was going to say. that's tough. when you have this series that you had that was so phenomenal and so beloved. is it ever going to rise to that same level? >> i'm kind of rest on your laurels. >> i was good enough then, see you later. out in september, by the way. >> that's right. we're back in a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come on "today," high-risk alert. tornados hit oklahoma and ferocious and more powerful storms expected throughout much of the midwest today p we'. we're live from oklahoma there. a houston woman stands by her husband even though she's tried to have him killed three times. but first these messages. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wetjet, cleaning better, doesn't have to take longer. i'm done. i'm going to...
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save big on hundreds of items and save up to 30% on top paw® apparels select beds, training pads & more. exclusively at petsmart®. >> good morning, everyone. i'm lisa robinson. we have warn ud all week. those lane enclosures are now in
7:56 am
effect. these due to construction. officials expect the enclosures to last two months as crews make emergency repairs to crushed drain pipes. the work is necessary to avoid a sinkhole in the road. there are alternate roots -- routes to avoid the back-up. >> park heights i mentioned. charles. all of sthem -- them run alongside the j.f.x. public transportation is recommended as a way around delays. >> people in carroll county concerned after a series of burglaries in the eastern part of the county. deputies say seven homes were burglarized up to southern manchester. officials believe the burglaries may be connected. they say the suspect that is stolen $40,000 worth of property by entering the home through unlocked windows and doors. deputies still searching for the suspect. anyone with information is urged to call the carroll county
7:57 am
sheriff's office. >> police have charged this man with robbery and theft after baltimore county police tracked him down. we're told david hayes walked into the pnc bank on rock hills road and demanded cash. state police helped set up the perimeter on the ground. authorities were able to apprehend hayes near the fallston wall walmart
7:58 am
>> a few high, thin clouds moving in, but a fair weather day. all the stormy weather off to
7:59 am
our southwest. really strong storms in oklahoma. we'll see some of these clouds blowing overhead today. but this rain primarily will be going to the north. by evening, something may slip by, at least in the northern tier of counties along our area. we start temperatures out primarily in the 40's and wind up in the 70's today. roughly 70 degrees warmer than yesterday. we add another 10 degrees. partly cloudy our forecast. 70 to 75 the high. southwest winds at 8 to 15 miles per hour. as i mentioned, add another 10 degrees on sunday and monday with partly cloudy skies. both days in the mid 80's. morning lows in the 50's. this is summertime weather. we are not threaltening any weather. by tuesday and wednesday, we have a higher chance for rain. >> thanks, john. thank you for joining us. we're back in 25 minutes with another update.
8:00 am
welcome back to "today" on a saturday morning. it's the 14th day of april, 2012. beautiful, beautiful gorgeous spring morning. it's supposed to get to around 80 degrees. >> i'm not complaining. >> bill karins will be here to tell us about our weather and the dangerous weather coming to the midwest this weekend. outside on the plaza, lester holt along with amy robach. coming up, we'll talk about that severe weather. >> they're predicting dangerous storms across the midsection of this country. today,sirens have been warning in oklahoma. we'll have a live report from oklahoma city coming up. we're going to take a closer look at the case against george
8:01 am
zimmerman. a bond hearing is set for next week, but could the judge hearing his case have a conflict of interest? she has raised this possibility. we'll find out why she may have to recuse herself from the case. plus, a real-life murder for hire case. it sounds more like a soap opera. a houston lawyer accused of trying to kill his wife three times. why is she staying with him? we'll tell you the twist in this case. >> there definitely has to be a twist in that one. speaking of rings, brad pitt and angelina jolie are engaged. we'll have more on that, when they will tie the knot, how they will tie the knot, and everyone wants to see a closer look of the ring. >> e we've got it. lynn berry is at the news desk this morning. >> good morning, lester, amy. good morning, everyone j ee're beginning with a severe weather alert. today could be a day of life-threatening storms. let's get more from eric fisher. he's live for us from oklahoma
8:02 am
city. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. already a busy night last night in norman, oklahoma. you can see the bent sign and this backyard pretty banged up. 24th avenue is right here and literally the entire street is lined with these telephone poles and branches that were knocked down by the storm as it came through. the national weather service will likely get out here today and try to rate this storm before more storms fire this afternoon. about 5,000 people without power in greater oklahoma city this morning. and certainly we'll be tracking more as we head through the afternoon. really looking around, it's surprising only ten people injured by this particular tornado and those injuries were characterized as bumps and bruises. we're fortunate on that account. in the last couple of tornadic events, we have not had any tornadic fatalities. we're making sure everyone gets their warnings. lynn? >> absolutely. an important message there.
8:03 am
eric fisher, live for us in oklahoma city. now to the latest scandal. a dozen of security personnel sent to colombia for the president. they've been relieved of their duty. this is said to have happened before the president's arrival friday another. other personnel have since taken the place of those sent back to the united states. just spectacular video shows europe's highest active volcano erupting this week. mt. etna began erupting with a series of explosions. unreal. this is the third eruption in the past month, but so far italian authorities haven't issued any warnings of dangers to people who live nearby. finally the muppets. in their mission to attract more visitors. kermit the frog, miss piggy joined mayor bloomberg.
8:04 am
they're going to highlight family-friendly parks, restaurants and other attractions. for the sake of all of you i'm going to reserve my kermit the frog imitation. >> not easy being green, i know, lynn. we'll send it to bill for the weather. >> good morning, amy. we're going to talk about the weather. we have the threatening situation this afternoon it's going start early this afternoon in areas of nebraska. from wichita to oklahoma, the coverage probably won't be as great. we probably won't have as many tornados down there. that's why you're in the high risk of severe storms. we're very concerned as we go throughout the day, even into the evening hours. now as far as tomorrow goes, it doesn't look like the severe threat is going to be as bad. we're going to watch it. the real event starts late today into this evening. that's when we're going to expect the possibility of the large tornados.
8:05 am
those could stay on the ground for a long period of time. those are the ones that end upat >> good morning. our power cam overlooking the city this morning. it won't interfere with what is going to turn out to be a nice day. and this caught my attention this morning. your grand grandpa worked on the "today" show back in 1951 to '52. back then the hiring standards were about the same standards as they are today if you look at a picture of him. what's your name? >> kalle. >> you were named after him, right? >> yeah. >> obviously very cute and interesting. a lot of guys around here very similar to that.
8:06 am
back to you, lester. >> bill, thanks very much. now back to the trayvon martin case, george zimmerman is spending his third full day behind bars as a bond hearing is set for next week. nbc's ron allen has the latest. >> reporter: this week sanford leaders called for fairness and reconciliation as the second-degree murder case for george zimmerman moves forward. >> we want justice for trayvon and due process for mr. zimmerman. >> reporter: zimmerman has entered a plea of not guilty. in court papers, prosecutors say trayvon martin was profiled by george zimmerman, adding later zimmerman confronted martin and a struggle ensued. a case that has incited such passion that some legal analysts say will have to be moved from the area if it ever gets to trial. >> i don't think that a local jury can come into the case without some preconceived notion about something, especially in seminole county. >> reporter: already there's a
8:07 am
possible issue about ethics and fairness. judge jessica recksiedler disclosed at the hearing her husband, who's an attorney, spoke with a lawyer who is representing him, a lawyer who is now an analyst for cnn. zimmerman's current attorney mark oh mere ya spoke by speaker phone. the judge suggested omh mere ya file a motion if he thinks she should be removed from the case. it may well come down to zimmerman's claim that he acted in self-defense and whether prosecutors can prove otherwise. >> if george zimmerman takes the stand, this become as one-witness trial. if the jury believes him, he's going to walk. if they don't, he's going to be put away. >> reporter: all of this could be months and months away. naltds say they predict there are be numerous legal battles.
8:08 am
ron allen, nbc news. jane why traub is a criminal attorney. let me get your thoughts. is it a big deal? is it something zimmerman's lawyers will have to deal with? >> it is a big deal. i believe that the judge will reconsider over the weekend an after reviewing the florida judicial canon of ethics she'll realize a judge should disqualify themselves in which a judge's impartiality might be reasonably in question. it's the appearance of impropriety, the public's perception of what's going on. if it's too murky, doesn't pass the smell test, the integrity of the system is what's paramount and that's what we must protect. >> let's talk about the future. there could be a bail hearing as soon as next friday.
8:09 am
now keep in mind during this investigation, he was reachable by prosecutors and law enforcement. he didn't run off. does that work in his favor to get a low bail? >> well, it works in his favor to get bail, period. remember, in florida, a second-degree murder in florida is not bondable. he'll have to go through a hearing where the prosecutor will have a witness and her proof of evidence is great, in other words, the prosecution has a strong case. the judge could still consider in his or her discretion, exercise that discretion and give a bond. one is that he voluntarily surrender to authorities. >> do they have to worry about his safety? is that taken in consideration? safety outside of jail? >> i think that's for lawyers to consider. but, of course, that should be consideration for the court. that could easily be dealt with with regard to an ankle monitor or a safe haven for the defendant. >> the prosecutor has not talked a lot about the specifics but
8:10 am
there was an affidavit filed that basically said mr. zimmerman profiled trayvon martin. it doesn't say racial profiler by the way. that he was the aggressor and it was tray vob martvon mar on the was heard screaming in the 911 call. >> there are a lot of unnecessary details that are put in this probable cause affidavit that are very striking to a lawyer who routinely looks at these kind of documents. it tells me she basically puts everything forward. but it's almost in an argumentative way, lester. as a matter of fact, as you pointed out. he profiled him. there are words he used. that's what she should put in her affidavit. she's putting her asemgss and that in her affidavit. she should use the facts. >> by saying profile, he looked at trayvon martin and decided he's suspicious for one reason or another. is she setting the stage here,
8:11 am
that he's outside his car and intemds to do harm to martin? >> absolutely. she's laying out that ees he stalking trayvon martin. in fact, that be will -- >> the lawyer has not laid out the defense but we all believe "stand your ground" is going to be a part of it. to the extent that he gets out of his car and follow trayvon martin, does that take away your option of "stand your ground?" does that eliminate it. >> it does not eliminate the possibility of "stand your ground." it is a factor the court will consider in making the ultimate determination. but getting out of his car, i believe that george zimmerman will probably say he wasn't getting out of his car to watch and follow where martin was going so when the police arrived he could tell them and pinpoint it. he's not going to say he got out of the car to stalk his prey. and therefore it doesn't make
8:12 am
him the aggressor automatically. his position, i believe, will be he went up to tray vob and asked who he is and what he's doing here. at that point he's going to assert trayvon was the aggressor physically on him, so therefore he will claim he had a right to defend himself. >> jayne weintraub, thanks for joining us. up next, brad pitt finally popped the question to angelina jolie. we'll find out more and have a look at that rick right after these messages. ♪ [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] you may be an allergy muddler. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour 1 on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour 3. [ sneezes ] [ male announcer ] zyrtec®. love the air. [ female announcer ] this week only, save up to $11 on zyrtec® products. see sunday's newspaper. what? that lovely girl, caught your eye?
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8:15 am
offjean as well. >> reporter: as far as hollywood couples are concerned they don't come bigger than brad pitt and angelina jolie and after seven years and six kids they've got one huge announcement. he popped the question and she said yes. here's the picture that sent the rumor mill into a frenzy. angelina at a museum, donning a massive rock on her finger. but in the past the couple had said they wouldn't marry until gay marriage is acceptable in the u.s. so when it's merged, people couldn't believe it. >> there were rumors, are they, could they get engaged, but it was the thing. it was never going to happen. brad actually admitted early willer this year the kids had been pressuring them to get married and in fact brad's manager did confirm with us that the kids are very happy.
8:16 am
with a diamond like that, angelina has got to be happy too. and the best parkts brad helped design it. this isn't the first engagement for either. at the time, brad was still married to jennifer aniston. once they split, brangelina was born. that's where angelina, she's no stranger to marriage either. she's been down the aisle twice before. >> three times is the charm for angelina jolie. i think she has definitely met the love of her life. >> reporter: the pair is calling their engagement, a promise for the future. >> you know, their children really want to see mom and dad get married, and i think this is the perfect first step. a first step that has left hollywood with one last question. when will they say "i do." for today, joel garguilo, nbc, new york. >> suzanne writes for "people" magazine. good morning.
8:17 am
>> good morning. >> do we now how he popped the question? >> we know he asked her at home. they had a couple of hours to revel in the moment while they watted for the kids to get home from school. >> that's exciting. let's talk about the kids because everyone is pointing to them as the reason why they're finally deciding to tie the knot. is that true? >> it really seems to be the case. you know, brad and angie have both said in recent years as their kids get older, they're, quote, "putting on the heat" as brad says. at the end of "shrek," they see fiona marry shrek and they're asking, when are you going to marry daddy? >> speaking of the ring, we know brad collaborated with a jeweler for apparently an entire year. wow, that took a lot of thought and effort. what do we know about the ring itself? >> he won't confirm the price or size but it's is the i mated to be between 10 and 18 karcarats.
8:18 am
it's flawless. it was designed with angelina's hand in mind. >> now they haven't set a date yet. do we have any idea what time of year, what the thought is, how long the engagement will be, given how long the preengagement has been, it's anyone's guess. >> they have a lot of homes around the world tied to many different countries. it could be at their chateau in france, home in new orleans. no matter what, it will be spectacular. >> and i'm sure the children will be involved. >> absolutely. >> and finally we want to talk to you about another story because "people" has exclusively learned about ryan o'neal. he's apparently been diagnosed with prostate cancer? >> he has. he's been very open and says luckily it's treatable and is taking the right sort of measures to get it under
8:19 am
control. >> and what do we know about him going forward with his son, of course, obviously still in the wake of farrah's tragedy. how is he handling it? how is he coping with it all? >> that remains a complicated relationship, but what's amazing about the o'neals is their candidness about their rocky relationship and trying to get back on track. tumultuous relationships but we wish them all the best. >> we certainly do. thank you. we appreciate all of the details. we're back, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:20 am
8:21 am
still to come on "today," the plot thickens. a surprising twist in an already astonishing murder-for-hire case. why has the trial been delayed until the summer. we'll tell you coming up. real 911. barbara corcoran is here with your answers. first these messages. and forget sleeping. breae
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8:25 am
>> good morning, everyone. i'm lisa robinson. the time is 8:25. here a look at some of our top stories. new developments of that viral beating in downtown baltimore.
8:26 am
escorted by his attorney aaron parsons showed up at court. police say parsons is one of three people seen beating and robbing and stripping a tourist of his clothes outside of the mitchell court house during the st. patrick's day weekend. >> hopefully this will lead to the identity of other individuals we are looking for. we will follow the evidence where it take us. what we think this is, we think this is an attack on an individual who is vulnerable, an individual who is intoxicated. some people identified him as an easy target. >> these are pictures of the other people police are on the lookout for. anyone with information on the attack is asked to call 410-396-2411. >> a man accused in a deadly hit-and-run accident will go free. ruben dunn was found not guilty of manslaughter and for failing to remain at the scene.
8:27 am
prosecutors claimed last june that dunn was behind the wheel that killed and hit 17-year-old emraled smith and 16-year-old courtney angelis as they crossed mlk boulevard. his exgirlfriend originally said she was the driver. she testified against him. >> gun charges have been filed against martinez armstrong. the half brother of one of the boys that shot monae turnage. investigators don't believe armstrong was present at the time of the shooting but say forensic evidence limpings him to the weapon. -- links him to the weapon. weighs convicted of a -- he was
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> good morning. the sun is being filtered this morning. the rain makers are way to the west. there are really strong storms out there. they are headed for pennsylvania and new york state later today. our temperatures are sutherly breezes will be warming up into the mid 70's for highs today. even with the presence of those high, thin clouds. storms could -- a partly cloudy day today. above normal temperatures. 70 to 75 for the high. tomorrow in the 80's. >> thanks, john. thank you for joining us. "11 news saturday morning" starts in 25 minutes.
8:30 am
we're back on this saturday morning, april 14th, 2012. it is a beautiful morning here in new york city. we want to thank all of you who stopped by to say hello on this gorgeous spring weekend. outside on the plaza, i'm amy robach along with lesser holt. and coming up in this half hour, a new development in a fairly unbelievable murder-for-hire situation. >> it's about a houston lawyer who stands accused of masterminding three, three failed murder-for-hire plots on his own wife. trial was set to begin on monday, but there's a new twist that could change everything. we're going to have details coming up. all right. and then real estate 911. it's beautiful and it's spring and a lot of homes are looking
8:31 am
to put their homes on the market. the one and only barbara corcoran is here to answer all of your pressing real estate questions. and if you want to have a beautiful garden this spring and summer but you don't have a spatial backyard, we'll show you how to make the best use of a space you have. it's called a vertical garden. we'll show you,000 make it coming up. first, before all of that, let's get a check of the beautiful weather. beautiful weather here on the plaza, but not so much elsewhere. >> the problems continue to be in the middle of the country. that's where we need everyone to know there's a high risk of severe storms. what that means is there's going to be a large area of possible tornadoes. not just your garden variety tonights but even the big powerful ones. we're watching snow and wind in the rockies. it's not pretty in areas like arizona and las vegas. by sunday it heads up into the northern plains with a lot of rain. slight chances of rain.
8:32 am
again, today's the tornado day, especially this afternoon. not so much. very isolated risk >> nice morning. the view over the inner harbor, no winched at all. beautiful high, thin clouds, the clouds will thicken up during the day today. the highest chance of rain w >> today in new york is very cold compared to what is in texas. >> these very good. you're going to be our future "today" show reporter. that was a good little tryout. what's your name? >> becca. >> becca. how long have you wanted to be a reporter? a long time.
8:33 am
>> good luck with that. maybe we'll see you in a couple years. back to you, amy. in houston, a lawyer accused of three murder-for-hire threats on his wife has been postponed. nbc's janet shann leanne explains. >> reporter: accused of having his long-time mistress to hire hit men to kill his wife not once but three separate times. in the last alleged attempt in 2010, yvonne was seriously injured. mechanic freddie came to her rescue. >> she was on the phone holding her stomach. she came in here saying, help me, help me, i need an balance. >> reporter: she survived the shot but her husband and his mistress were charged with solicitation of murder. >> let me be perfectly clear.
8:34 am
jeff stern is innocent of these charges. he had nothing do with the vicious plot to kill evonne. >> reporter: she was going to testify that she was a go-between for jeffrey stern and he was the mastermind. now as stern was about to go on trial, documents suggest that geyser may have been involved in another murder-for-hire plot i can't comment on the specifics, but it's our duty to do a thorough investigation to try to reveal the truth. >> reporter: geyser's attorneys deny the allegations saying if they had any validity, charges would have been filed. he said he did have an affair with gaiser. after he admitted that, evonne gaiser filed for divorce. in a surprising twist she now reconciled with ler husband and now believes he wasn't involved in trying to kill her. >> she was really willing to for given jeffrey and move on
8:35 am
because her children and herself, she wanted her family to stay together. >> reporter: in skparj for her testimony against one of the suspected gunmen, prosecutors have agreed not to pursue a sentence longer than 25 years for michelle gaiser. another twist in a bizarre case that has already seen so many. for "today," janet shamlian, nbc news, houston. casey is a journalist. let's begin. it's such a crazy story. how about this. michelle gaiser being implicated in a separate murder-for-hire case. what does that do for this trial arngd what if this had come out later? >> it's going to leave us and the jury with a lot of second-guessing. if it's true she was involved in another murder-for-hire plot long before evonne stern, is it one of those psychologically off fatal atrarkz mistresses or is this something that jeffrey, her
8:36 am
boss, her boyfriend discovered and hatched a plan to get rid of her by using her as a helpless pawn. >> does sh boil down to a classic "he said/she said" in court? >> it does. what we're lacking is direct evidence. even evonne said if you don't have a tape or i'ms or video or adiós proving that my husband got michelle to do this, i'm not going to believe it. possibly the jury will think the same way. but all we have is michelle's word against jeff that he's the master mind behind the plot. of course, the question is why would she cop up to 25 years in jail to turn evidence against him unless that was true. she should plead not guilty and take her chances if that's not true. >> let's talk about evonne stern because it's pretty incredible. this woman was shot in the abdom abdomen. there were three attempts on her life and she is now saying she will testify in her husband's defense that he was not a part of this plot. how could she know that, and how
8:37 am
will the prosecution handle that? >> i think evonne is the wild card in this case. keep in mind that she admits he cheated on her. she said it was just a mid-life crisis. the question before the jury if she testifies is this woman so bamboozled, so inco-indicated by her husband's lies that she thinks he's innocent? she a has said he's so brilliant, such a smart, phenomenal man, if he wanted me dead, i would be dead. how disingenuous is that? it's basically saying he's capable of killing her. >> if that didn't happen, then he must not have been a part of it. >> exactly. >> what about the hit men? how do flay in all of this? >> we're not hearing much about that. in my mind as an attorney, that's the lynchpin in the case. who approached them? how much were they offered? where's the money trail. men don't shoot bullets into houses and people without getting paid. where did the money come from. does michelle having the
8:38 am
resources to pay a hit man tens of thousands of dollars. >> three different times. >> or will that inevitable trace back to stern? >> can we assume the prosecutors have that information and that will come out in trial? for them to press charges do you think their case would be based solely on michelle gaiser's testimony? >> if that's all they have, it is going to be a crapshoot. you never know. some attorneys hold their cards to their vest until the very end. as the prosecution say, just because it's an allegation on michelle gaiser doesn't mean it's true. >> all right. casey jordan, thanks so much, we appreciate it. >> great to be here. coming up next, we're answering your real estate questions. but first these messages. [ woman ] when my asthma symptoms returned
8:39 am
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open house, navigating can be tricky whether you're looking for your your first home or facing foreclosure. this morning you sent us your questions and "today's" contributing real estate barbara corcoran. i've had a lot of questions about short sales. explain what it is. >> it's simply an agreement between the homeowner and the bank that you can sell your home for less than the worth of the mortgage. in essence, the bank takes a loss. >> very unpopular. >> no one likes you in the neighborhood. it lowers the value but it's better than a foreclosure sign.
8:43 am
this viewer molly writes my husband and i bought our home five years ago. we're upside down in our loan and we have good credit. are there any options beside as short sale? >> you can ask to modify your loan. you could foreclosure on the home, which is a terrible thing for most people and usually the means of last resort, or you could simply hang on and hope that the real estate market turns around. i have to say that the entire market went up for the first time last month and so that might not be such a bad option if things keep going the way they are. >> maybe a light at the end of the tunnel. if you're a buyer looking at a shorter sale home, is there room for negotiation? >> always. a lot of people are intimidated. you can put in a low bid. they're going to say yes, no, or give a counteroffer and they're going do it last. here's another question. chelsea m. writes we bought our house two years ago. our neighbors just put their house on the market, listing it
8:44 am
for a lot more than we paid for ours. we have done many modifications and planned on making it a rental property eventually. should we sell the home early or hold onto it as an income property? >> oh, my gosh. chelsea should definitely stick with the plan. just because the guy next door is asking a lot for the house means nothing. it doesn't mean they sold it for a lot. she should watch and see what he sold it for and then decide what the best course of action is. there's a world of difference between asking price and sales price. all right. our next question comes from the plaza. i believe chris is standing outside. >> hi, barbara. we're military members and we relocate our families quite often. in the past we've been enticed to buy sight unseen and one d if there are tips for doing so. >> you're a brave guy. people rarely do and it takes a lot of courage. get the home inspected. you can tell a crack in a foundation, which costs a lot of money, leaking oil tank,
8:45 am
something wrong with the roof. you can't tell what the dramatic things are wrong. so you can hire an inspection. it usually costs only about $600. this is a topic that a lot of people can relate to. it's about mixing business with family. from debbie in ohio. we're selling our house on a land contract to our daughter and new sonl. anything to watch out for so this doesn't ruin our family relationship? >> first off, chances are it's going to ruin your family relationship. if you can possibly afford to give the home to your children, it's a much better bet because it comes with no strings attached. do not give them a mortgage because if they're not going to pay their mortgage, you're not going to evict them. and lastly be careful of the price you set on the house because if it's lower than the market value, uncle sam is going to come after you for a gift tax and you're going to be paying more than you ever expected to pay in the end. the broker is a hot topic of
8:46 am
discussion, particularly if your home has been for sale for a while and there haven't been any office. rosemary asks we have an older home that has been on and off the market for five years with the same broker. >> five years is a heck of a long time. it's hard for a broker to be excited for five year fwhs a row. what you should really be doing is invite three local brokers in and ask them with a fresh eye what the house is worth. even the wrong broker will sell something a the right price. five years, you need to make a switch. up next, gardening in small spaces. we'll show you great design idea for any size yard. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
♪ it's spring again i can hear the birds sing again ♪ this morning on "spring today," a different kind of garden, one you can hang like a picture. nbc's sara haines found a way to decorate with the smallest of spaces with wall flowers, literally. >> so, mike, we took a week off and let the weather get a little warmer. >> we're much nicer today. >> we're onto a new project. what are you going to teach me today? >> today we're going to build a vertical garden. let's say you're a person who's downsized, you're in a townhouse. it's a way to decorate in a vertical space. >> where do we start? >> we start here with all of these pieces. it's easier than it looks. the first step is to take all of these pieces and combine them to make the box that's actually
8:50 am
going to house the soil and the flowers. we've got the specific dimens n dimensions of all the things you need at >> am i going to burn your hand? >> you're a crazy woman. >> look. i built a box. >> let's pick up the pace. >> are you ready? >> yeah. >> let's do it. whoo! voila. >> amazing. see, i told you. it's easy. >> even you can do it. >> even you can do it. >> we drilled holes in the top. so we put our irrigation pipes in. this is where the water is going to get to the flowers. we built some holes into the pvc pipe. we put plastic in it so it makes it waterproof. >> so we're almost to the flowers. >> yes, we're almost to the flowers. >> fill that up. >> like anywhere? >> yes.
8:51 am
well, in the box preferably. we want to add weed block fabric and latticework. this is going to keep the soil in place. this is going to keep everything in place. so when you lift this up, none of the flowers are going to end up on your deck. >> spread it out. >> something's not right here. i wonder what it is. it's upside-down. oh, no. [ laughter ] >> how does that feel? >> i did it all by myself. >> from this angle, you can see the screw, can't you? >> i totally missed. so now it's time for the flowers. >> yes, but you've got to make a slight hole in the fabric in order to put the flowers in. sarah, good news. >> flowers, yay. >> the best flowers for this are really shorter flowers because if they're long, this is going
8:52 am
to be on the wall, and they'll tend to droop a little bit. and you don't want that. >> so when we fill this all in, we can hang it up. >> actually you don't want to do that. you want to leave it horizontal for three weeks so it has time to grow. this is a completed one. that has been sitting for three weeks. >> i love this. this is beautiful. so now the only thing we have to do is make this garden vertical. ♪ >> that was a dramatic finish. all right. we're back after these messages. let's play indoors this weekend. all we need is a couple of gallons of our hardest-working paint... ...from the get-it-done place that gives us more top-rated brands than anywhere else... prices that won't shake up our budget. let's make a one-wall statement... ...or tackle a total room takeover ...with paint that'll get the job done in fewer trips up and down the ladder. more saving.
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there's a happy group right there. that's going to do it for us on this saturday morning. i want to thank bill karins for joining us. tomorrow's tallest dog. >> 7'3". it's ridiculous. i'll see you tonight for "nbc nightly news." until then, everyone, thanks for watching. have a great saturday. -- captions by vitac --
8:56 am
>> i'm jennifer franciotti. here's a look at some of our top stories. a man is in critical condition. police found the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. also in this city a police officer is recovering after his cruiser was hit by another car on the hanover bridge. there were no serious injuries. >> this was the scene around 11:00 on president's street. our camera caught this cab fully
8:57 am
engulfed. no word on what caused that fire and we're told there are no injuries. >> a teacher facing 10 years in prison after having sexual relations with three students. he was teaching at glen burnie high school when having numerous encounters with three students. on one occasion police say he throfe to a student's house. sears will be sentenced at the end of the month. >> up next, dr. kim hammond has answers to your pet questions. >> plus, get ready for serious back-ups on the j.f.x. how to avoid the mess. >> and for the more than 220 people on board the titanic, one of -- >> today we'll call it mild. tomorrow warm. the details of the insta-weather
8:58 am
plus forecast.
8:59 am
>> welcome to "11 news saturday morning." i'm jennifer franciotti. >> and i'm lisa robinson. >> and i'm lisa robinson. first let's go to john colli


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